Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Final Day

Another great day of Science Camp :-)

This morning's session at the Winnipeg Inner City Science Centre was very interesting and informative. I was fascinated by the process of staining cells and preparing slides for examination under the microscope. Click on the following image to see what some of your prepared slides looked like under the microscope:

You'll find a few more pictures below that capture some of the activities that took place throughout the day. Some of these images were taken at the Industrial Technology Centre, where we were treated to a demonstration of their virtual reality lab. The applications of this immersive experience for science are incredible. Being able to visualize things at the molecular level in three dimensions (or more...) is pretty powerful. And having the power to manipulate this data with such high resolution will undoubtedly lead to many new and exciting discoveries in this field.

We hope that you've enjoyed your Science Camp experience :-)

Please feel free to share your Science Camp highlights in the comments following this post. You may also want to leave some advice for the committee that has organized this year's Science Camp so that the students who take part in next year's Science Camp can also benefit from your experience...